Every day, we hear stories of promising new treatments discovered in the lab that are about to go into clinical trials, with the hope they might work and be available in 8-10 years time. If one of those treatments might improve or save your life, do you have the time to wait?

One major roadblock to faster treatments is that most clinical trials struggle to find people to take part in them. This can be because they were designed without the participants in mind, they are not really answering questions people want answered, or people just don’t know about them.

We are no longer happy to wait so long for new treatments. We want to empower the community with information and support to learn about and get involved in clinical trials, and make sure the best treatments are known as soon as possible. We want to make it easy for those running clinical trials to reach out to find the people they need to help improve their trials and take part.

Knowing about and contributing to clinical trials might one day improve or save your life, or someone you know. Make it your legacy. Research4Me will support you on this journey.


There are 3 pillars underpinning our vision for more relevant clinical trials providing a great experience for participants and delivering better treatments more quickly:

  1. Equity in Access to Clinical Trials: Reliable information and access to opportunities to take part in and contribute to clinical trials should be available to everyone. People deserve the right to a choice as to whether a clinical trial is an option they’d like to try, or help improve.
  2. Relevant, Respectful, Achievable Clinical Trials: There is a moral and ethical imperative to only conduct trials that are well designed, resourced and reported, that address the needs of patients, and minimise burden to the participants and their families
  3. Public-Professional Partnership: By combining the insights of patients and their families with lived experience of a condition, with the scientific and operational expertise of research professionals, the community can be more confident that the public and private investment in medical research will deliver outcomes and treatments needed by patients more quickly. Partnership is the way forward.


Our mission is to speed up access to better treatments by making sure people are empowered with a knowledge of clinical trials and how to get involved, and are not alone in their journey to learn about, take part in, and partner with researchers to make trials a better experience, accessible, faster and more relevant.


Passion: Turn up every day with a passion for making clinical research more accessible, a great experience, and better.

Making a Difference, with Urgency:  Every day, our work has the potential to improve or save people’s lives now or in the future. This is why we do what we do.

Respect and empathy: Everyone we meet is on a journey, sometimes emotional, sometimes personal, sometimes professional, with experience and knowledge different from our own.  Treat people and the information they share with the same respect and empathy you would wish for yourself and those you love.

Collaboration: Actively listen, share, collaborate and explore new ideas. We don’t know what we might learn, or when or where the next great ideas may come. Together, we can do more.

Integrity: Being honest, authentic and transparent in all our services and interactions is core to building the relationships of trust we want with each other, our community and clients.

Experience: Approach each day as a new opportunity to learn, give and grow, both personally and professionally. You never know what’s around the corner.


Research4Me has a capacity-building, social enterprise model. We provide training, support and project services for a fee to commercial and non-commercial clinical trials groups and organisations. A proportion of our revenue is used to provide free or subsidised training, support and access to services for  the public and non-profit partners, and to reward community members for engaging in our activities.

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