Research4Me and ARCS Australia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, committing to taking action to increase the engagement and involvement of patients, caregivers and the public in health and medical research.

The lived experience of patients and caregivers dealing with the health issues researchers are studying, as well as their time, expertise, and hopes are critical for ensuring research answers the questions patients need answered, and develops the treatments patients need, in a way that respects their time and contributions.

While there is growing recognition of the importance of public involvement in research, there are still challenges in achieving it due to lack of awareness, training and infrastructure support for the public, patients, carers and the research industry to make it happen.

ARCS Australia is a national, membership-based organisation focused on the development and growth of the healthcare sector.

Dr Shanny Dyer, CEO, ARCS Australia, said: “We are excited about signing the MoU with Research4Me and look forward to incorporating the voice of patients into our activities to promote the capabilities and competitiveness of the clinical research sector.

The central theme of this year’s ARCS annual conference is “Patients at the centre of healthcare” which makes the cooperation with Research4Me especially timely and relevant.

We acknowledge Janelle’s thought leadership in this area and her trail blazing stance on this issue,” concluded Dr Dyer.

“I am thrilled by the leadership ARCS Australia is showing in recognising the need to develop skills, capacity and opportunity for public engagement and involvement in the therapeutics industry, and bringing the patient perspective to the work of its members” said Dr Janelle Bowden, Founder of Research4Me.

“This memorandum of understanding with ARCS Australia enables us to explore together how their infrastructure and events can help further break down the perceived barriers and silos between the research industry, patients and carers, so as to work toward meaningful engagement and partnership in the development of better research and therapeutics.”


About ARCS Australia

ARCS is a national, membership-based organisation focused on the development and growth of the industry professionals involved in the development of innovative drugs, diagnostics and therapies.   ARCS has provided education, career pathways, professional development, networking opportunities and advocacy for the sector for over 35 years.

Through its members ARCS has a broad and effective reach throughout the healthcare sector, and provides a neutral forum to develop, agree and implement aligned policies and initiatives.

ARCS and its members are dedicated to improving the quality of life of healthcare consumers through clinical research innovation.

For more information, visit: or contact Dr Shanny Dyer, Chief Executive Officer, ARCS Australia, E:  |  P: (02) 8905 0829

About Research4Me

Research4Me is a social enterprise focused on increasing public understanding of medical research and the important role they can play in advancing medical care as advocates, participants and partners in the research process, and creating the infrastructure to support their participation and involvement in health and medical research and development related activities.

Our advocacy, training and services aim to break down silos and build connections between the public, researchers and industry to positively impact the relevance of, recruitment to, conduct and participant experience of health and medical research.

In doing so, Research4Me aims to ensure medical practice and new innovations are advanced faster and most importantly, address the needs of patients and those that care for them.

For more information, visit: Research4.Me or contact Dr  Janelle Bowden, Founder, Research4Me, E:  |  P: (02) 9931 6820.


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