This week, our Tribe member ARCS Australia awarded scholarships to 17 consumers that applied to go to the 2019 ARCS Annual Conference in Sydney 6-8 August.

Research4Me made available the offer of $750 to support the travel of one of these consumer scholarship awardees who are part of our Tribe to attend the conference.

Six people applied for this travel support, from across Australia, and all are very worthy of the financial assistance.

We are very pleased to announce, after a very difficult decision, that Colleen Papadopoulos has been awarded this travel funding to attend the conference.

Congratulations Colleen, and we look forward to meeting you, as well as all the other consumers attending the ARCS conference in a couple of weeks time.


All in all, another $3500 was needed to cover the estimated combined travel expenses of the other 5 applicants. If you or an organisation you work with would like to help support these applicants to attend the ARCS conference, I know they and their families would be most appreciative. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you think you can help, and we will be sure to promote your contribution widely.


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