Here’s a few tips depending on the help you might need.


Do you have general questions about clinical trials?

In our Knowledge Centre, we try to answer many of the common questions people have about clinical trials. If you aren’t sure were to look, use the search function with the key words you are interested in, and hopefully it will find content of use to you.


Do you have a question about clinical trials not answered in the Knowledge Centre?

This is the power of having a community of experience to tap into.  As a starting point, check out the forum posts in the groups you are joined to.  Someone may have already asked your question and you can see what people said.  Alternatively, post the question yourself and let the community share with you their wisdom.


Do you have questions about a specific clinical trial?

The best place to ask your specific trial questions is to the team running the trial.  We do not have the knowledge or authority to discuss individual trials beyond the public or sponsored content that may have already been provided via this site or links from this site.

If you have a general procedural question as a result of talking to the team (such as “They told me I need to do Test X… Has anyone had one of these before to know what that involves?), then the forums may be a place to ask those questions.


Do you have an urgent or undiagnosed health issue?

Please don’t take medical advice from us or the members/forums. Instead, please go and visit a health care provider as soon as possible. We are not qualified to provide individual health advice, nor can you rely on the members to advise you appropriately.


Having problems working out how to use the website?

We’re in the process of developing some Frequently Asked Questions and Videos to help people learn how to use and navigate the site. It’s still so new though, that we aren’t too sure yet what people might need help doing.

So please send us your questions, either by private message to the COMMUNITY ADMIN or by posting them in the ALL MEMBERS group forum (search for the topic: “Questions about how to use the site”) so we can produce the how-to guides that will actually help.

We will update this page as the new help resources become available.

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