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Back in May, we launched #TrialsTues as an ongoing commitment every Tuesday to promote information and stories that help demystify medical research and clinical trials in the community. This week we are officially launching a further initiative to increase access to and transparency about the medical research studies ongoing in Australia.

We are offering those running medical research studies the opportunity to increase access to their research and freely post information about the studies they currently need volunteers or consumer input into every Tuesday between 5-10pm AEST via our Facebook Research Gamechangers group.

Researchers must get prior approval from their HREC for these posts in advance. We will be spot checking those approvals are in place without notice by enquiring with your HRECs directly, so you don’t want to get caught out!

We do not allow such posts on our Facebook page without prior approval. We also do not allow such posts outside of 5-10pm AEST on Tuesdays within the Facebook Group so as not to spam the group all week long. It will detract from the other conversation the group is having around medical research. It also means, if people are looking for trials and consumer input opportunities, they have a dedicated time they know those posts will appear, for ease of finding them.

If you are posting about a clinical trial, you MUST include:

  • the link to the clinical trial register listing for that trial,
  • with the health condition of interest,
  • the most important eligibility criteria, age range and gender,
  • the expected time/financial impact for the participant;
  • locations the trial is running (cities);
  • a short lay summary of what the trial is hoping to achieve and why this is important for the community (about 1 paragraph or up to 100 words)

We will delete posts we believe to be inappropriate or missing this information that matters to patients and carers without notice. If you are unsure your post will meet the criteria, feel free to contact us in advance to check.

We hope this will help in some small part help raise patients and carers know find trials, help researchers find volunteers and patient/carer research partners and help raise awareness in the community of the diversity of medical research studies ongoing they might be able to help with.

In addition to this free service, we also offer other paid services to assist researchers with trial recruitment and consumer engagement activities. Contact us for more details.

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