Where can you go for more information?

The internet is full of some good, and no so good information on any topic. As such, we suggest when it comes to health, and clinical trials, never rely on just one source of information. Always check whether the information looks to be from a reliable source.

Your doctor may be able to help you navigate through the information you find. However, doctors can’t possibly know and understand everything, and unless they have personally been involved in running a clinical trial, don’t be surprised if there are gaps in their knowledge about how trials work or where to go for more information.

Many online disease associations and community groups also provide information about clinical trials.

Our Facebook Group is a community of patients, carers and research professionals that may also be able to answer your questions.


Here are a few reliable internet sources with information for the public about clinical trials:

From Regulatory Authorities


From Government-funded research agencies and initiatives


Non-profit community based organisations devoted to clinical trial awareness


Prefer Videos?

  • On our YouTube channel, we have curated playlists of videos that we think help explain clinical trials from different perspectives.


Know of other useful resources?

Please join our Facebook Group and share with members other useful resources on clinical trials and other types of medical research.


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