Different people have different reasons for volunteering for clinical trials. You might like to take part to have a more active role in your own health, get personal medical attention from the researchers, obtain expert medical care, gain access to new treatments early, or help others in the future by contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge.

One potential benefit of being in a clinical trial is the extra attention you will receive from the medical research team than you wouldn’t get as an regular patient. The research team need to make sure you are safe during the trial, so they will be checking your well-being far more thoroughly than usual. Any tests involved with the trial will usually be at no cost to you.

The negative of all this extra attention is the extra responsibilities you will have in following the trial procedures and the inconvenience you may have of visiting the clinic more often for trial visits.

You may not be interested in a particular trial because you don‟t like the possible side effects, you don‟t have the time or willingness to follow the procedures and attend the study visits, or you think you‟d prefer to take an approved medicine already available.

Ultimately, taking part in a trial is your own decision and you should never feel pressured to go into a trial. If you do agree to take part, you can withdraw your participation at any time without consequence to your future medical care.


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