ACTA Summit 2018 Free ticket

In case you missed our social media anouncements, we’ve been promoting the opportunity for a health consumer to get a free registration to come along to the ACTA clinical trials summit 29-30Nov18 in Sydney next week. Our Events and Current Opportunities pages can tell you more about the conference, and the free ticket opportunity.

If you have ever thought about finding ways to contribute to clinical trials, outside of being a participant in one, this meeting is a great opportunity to upskill in your understanding of the clinical trials environment in Australia, meet and network with the top clinical researchers in Australia, and hear what is happening to increase consumer involvement in research. It’s possible you might think its a bit daunting to be in a room with scientists and researchers, but there is nothing better than starting to immerse yourself in the environment as a way of starting to understand the challenges, opportunities, language, etc. And if you get stuck, we’ll be exhibiting all conference, so you can come and us ask as a friendly face about the things you don’t really understand, or pop into our Facebook community to ask your questions too.

Applications close Friday 23 Nov around midday. We really want to make sure everyone knows about this opportunity, so it doesn’t go to waste.

Anyone is able to apply, and if you are a member of our Research Gamechangers Facebook Group, you will not only get first look-in, but potentially some extra help to attend (as announced in the group today). If you are not a member of the Research Gamechangers group, ask to join through Facebook today to get access to that offer, and by default get connected to other passionate health consumers, patients, carers and professionals interested in medical research, asking questions, sharing thoughts, supporting each other.

If you have any questions, don’t delay in contacting us.

The clock is ticking! Apply for your free registration now.


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