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We understand that not everyone understands the word research, let alone how it is done.

Research4Me wants to make it easy for you learn to more about medical research, to empower you to help yourself and discuss research with your clinicians, family or patient networks.

Learning about research is a skill for life, whether that be to help you better understand the evidence for the care you are being given, because you are looking for alternative options which might include research, have been approached for a research study, or are looking to contribute your skills and experience to finding answers and improving research. Don’t be left in the dark, uninformed, missing out on opportunities to potentially benefit and help others.

We know people like to learn in different ways. Some like to read, some like to listen, some like to talk. And so we have options to hopefully suit everyone.

Our Knowledge Centre is a reference for commonly asked questions about clinical trials, and coming soon, other research & information.

We provide training in person and virtually through online webinars or facebook live events. Sometimes its more formal training, sometimes it is just conversation, sharing stories, learning from others walking the path. It might be anything from a few minutes to a day.

Conferences with Research4Me

We occasionally get or sponsor tickets for consumers to attend research-related events, sypmosia, conferences, etc, or run our own. Its a great way to learn the language of research and network with others involved.

If social media is your thing, keep an eye on ours for articles, videos, and other content we find interesting that you might learn from. And tag us if you find something interesting, as we love learning from you too.

To find out about our upcoming learning opportunities and events visit our website events and opportunities pages, or keep an eye on our social media (links below) and newsletters.


Research4Me Learn Social MediaAre we missing something you are looking for information about?  Pop into our Facebook Group and ask away, or message us via our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

We want to help you get the information and skills you need. Let us know via our survey what you would like to learn about research, and and how to participate or contribute effectively.

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