Melbourne Gathering 21Nov19

In Melbourne on the 21Nov2019, Research4Me held its first networking event to bring together consumers, patient organisations, researchers and others interested in consumer engagement and involvement in health and medical research.

Sixteen people from diverse consumer and research professional backgrounds attended in person, and a few viewed the meeting online. Five people presented the own experiences both as consumers involved (or wanting to be involved) in research, and as research professionals providing infrastructure for and/or involve people in their work.

Some of the topics raised and discussed by attendees included:

  • the challenges finding trials and navigating the ANZCTR/Australian Clinical Trials website
  • understanding the framework for recruiting consumers to research
  • how do consumers keep the consumers involved in research accountable for representing broad views?
  • the challenges experienced as consumers raising trials with their clinicians
  • the need for broader eligibility criteria to ensure trial results are applicable to the population (e.g. age limits, co-morbidities).
  • the importance of sharing the consumer involvement work happening in different organisations to prevent duplication of effort.

Thank you to all that came along and engaged so openly and respectfully.

Rather than summarise each speaker, we invite you to view the online recording of each section of the meeting via the links below.

Our next gathering will be in Sydney on the 11th December, and all with an interest in sharing and networking around consumer involvement in research are invited to attend.



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