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We are excited to announce Paratus Clinical has joined the tribe of organisations committed, like Research4Me, to taking action to increase the engagement and involvement of patients, caregivers and the public in clinical trials.

Up to 80% of clinical trials struggle to recruit enough participants, causing delays and trial failures. Many patients and their families don’t know to ask about clinical trials, aren’t told about them by their clinicians, and aren’t informed about what they are, how to find them and how to evaluate if they are suitable for them. There is a desperate need to both educate the community about clinical trials and the need to participate, as well as to learn from their experiences to help improve trials so that they are accessible, easy to participate in, and they finish, delivering the answers and treatments participants and the broader populations are waiting for.

Recognising this disconnect between the community and researchers, Paratus Clinical has signed a memorandum of understanding with Research4Me to commit to action and explore how to increase community engagement and involvement in clinical research.

CEO of Paratus Clinical, Jeff Wall, said: “Having worked across all sectors of the Clinical Trial Industry the importance of community engagement has never been so great. Awareness of the importance of clinical trials and educating the community and  the medical service providers that serves that community is of paramount importance to Paratus Clinical. Working with Research4me will give us an opportunity to help advance that cause”.

“It is fantastic to see Paratus Clinical, an organisation at the coal face between the community and clinical trials, thinking outside the box and committing to taking action to increase community awareness and participation in research.” said Dr Janelle Bowden, Founder of Research4Me. “We look forward to exploring how we can help each other in our efforts to help improve and save more lives through greater community engagement in health and medical research.”


About Paratus Clinical

Paratus Clinical is a provider of clinical trial related services to pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), biotechnology companies, medical device companies and clinical sites. Paratus Clinical can provide coverage across Australia and New Zealand, with a team of clinical research professionals that have unparalleled experience and clinical trial knowledge.

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