Join our Tribe in Partnership

If you are committed in action on engaging and involving people in research, then we would like you to consider the different opportunities for partnership with us, and becoming part of our Tribe.

We appreciate that different organisations may vary in their need for our services, internal resources, and interest in partnership. As such, we offer a range of options to suit with different levels of financial commitment, and are always open to exploring other ways to partner.

Please reach out to discuss the detail of any of the opportunities that interest you below.


Increasing Partnership

Adhoc Services

Not sure what you need when? Not ready to commit to a deeper relationship just yet?

Engage one or more of our services, when you need them.

MOU partnership

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with us, you will formally join our tribe of organisations and declare your commitment to taking action to increase the engagement and involvement of people in research.

There is no financial transaction involved, but a willingness to ‘do something’ and regularly touch base to update and explore opportunities to support each other’s efforts.

At least once a year, we will bring our tribe together for you to network with other like minded groups and organisations to share efforts, challenges, learnings, and how we can continue to grow this movement.

The bigger our community, the easier it is to reach people to engage, recruit and partner with. By joining our referral network, you are helping grow our community and saving resources in supporting your community.

It benefits those you refer as it provides them with independent information, community and opportunities to get involved in research, outside of your department, therapeutic area or geographic location.

Because we help educate and keep people engaged, they are active and accessible when you might need them. As a referral partner, you will also benefit from discounted advertising rates, earn credits toward services for each person who joins our community and/or database, and a share in 20% of our advertising revenue to help support your research efforts.

There is fee to join the program, to help cover setup and support you to make the most of the program. Ongoing fees will depend on the level of ongoing reporting or access/support you want for the community members you refer.

We have two types of financial partnership programs: Social good partners, and Annual Partners.

Our Social Good partners believe in the need to build infrastructure to support consumer engagement, participation and involvement in research, and provide financial support without strings to enable us to get on with the job of doing this.

Our Action Partners commit to spending a particular budget with us each year, in return for access to discounted services. This locks in value and flexibility for these Partners, and helps Research4Me plan resourcing requirements.

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