When can I find out what treatment I was getting (if I was a blinded)?

Even though you might be finished with trial visits, but there might still be other people going through the trial.  A trial will typically not be unblinded until all participants have finished their visits, and the data analysis is underway.

As such, you may not be able to find out what treatment you were receiving until that data analysis is underway or completed.

If there are safety reasons you need to know what you were taking, for example the treatment might interfere with another medication you might take or how you respond to future treatment, the research team will usually have a way to make this information available to you.


Why might I not be told as soon as finish what I was getting?

Not telling you routinely at the end of the trial what you were taking might seem really unfair. It is however really important to the integrity of the trial. It helps make sure the analysis of results does not get biased by knowing who got what.

If you have any concerns, please talk to your trial team about them and they will explain what is possible and not possible for the trial you are enrolled in, and why.

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