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If you are living with, have survived, or are at risk of a health condition, or just care our healthcare is the best it can be, researchers need you.

Your knowledge and lived health experiences matter.


You can make a difference to the care of tomorrow, not just by donating and supporting medical research, but by actively getting involved.



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Join our database to be connected with clinical trials, and opportunities to help shape research and support greater public awareness and involvement in the research looking for answers and cures.


Take part in health and medical research and clinical trials that help clinicians and researchers understand health conditions and come up with new ways to diagnose, screen, treat or prevent them. It’s not all about new pills, and you don’t have to be dying or sick to volunteer.

Work with researchers to improve their research questions, trial design , research conduct, funding success, participant information, outreach and communication, the sharing of research results and so much more.  You don’t need a medical or science degree to contribute. You have the health experience, and other life/professional skills that clinicians and research may not have, that can help research succeed.


Did you know 80% of clinical trials are delayed because of difficulty finding participants, and 30% of trials  may never complete for the same reason? Something needs to change. Patients are waiting. You may be waiting.

You are medical research’s greatest partner. 

Without you, medicine can’t advance. New or better treatments won’t be uncovered. The questions patients want answered may never be asked.

Research needs you, so we can speed up getting the answers and cures patients need.

Even if you doubt you will ever do anything, give yourself the chance to at least hear about research needing you, which may one day help you, your family, or someone you know. Can you afford not to?



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